Koya London | Japanese Udon Noodle
The Japanese udon noodle bar first opened in Soho in 2010, specialising in freshly made udon noodles and dashi with simple, paired back interiors. 11 years on, Koya is now serving Head Chef Shuko’s udon, donburi and authentic Japanese small plates from breakfast through to dinner at three London locations. Koya’s fresh Japanese udon and dashi are now also accessible to homes nationwide, via Koya Mail.
Udon prefecture
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We are open all day. 
Koya Ko / Koya Soho / Koya City
Hackney today.
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Miso cured hake for Japanese breakfast at the moment. Comes with rice(umeboshi on top) , homemade pickles, and cup soup.#味噌漬け
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Crunchy Spicy Yakko

tofu with pickled wakame and crunchy spicy garnish. This simple and clean beautiful tofu from the best #cleanbeantofu in Bricklane.

𓌉𓇋 Lunch/dinner menu starts at 12:00 everyday.

walk-in only ⸝⋆ 
10-12 Broadway Market Mews
Koya Ko
#KoyaKo #こやっこ #hiyayakko