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Koya Ko Hackney
10-12 Broadway Market Mews London E8 4TS
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10:00 - 22:30
10:00 - 22:30
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Our newest opening on Hackney’s Broadway Market, Koya Ko is the more casual, fast-paced ‘little sister’ to Koya Soho and City - and very much part of our Koya family. Ko has a whole new menu to eat-in, takeaway and deliver; savvy ordering system and room for tachi-gui (standing while dining), but retains Koya’s roots with freshly made udon and dashi at the heart.
📮「 Posted By Friends 」vol.14

🏮Owen Barratt 

“I’ve eaten at Koya more than any other restaurant, and I’d choose to eat there over any other restaurant. Over the years I’ve become tuned to the rhythms of service there, I live for the idiosyncrasies of noodle wrap and pickle positioning. There was a time I’m sure I could have told you who was cooking without looking. But I was always looking. I could watch them all day! Calm, considered, accurate. The gentle ripple of water, the soft Pavement soundtrack. It’s like someone went into my head and designed a room specifically for my sensitivities. I’ve watched Koya grow, shrink, grow again. They have the amazing ability to be both moving and standing right where they are at the same time. Since we started working close to Koya, I became friends with a few of the chefs there. I was always delighted to feed them, and I was giddy with excitement when I spotted a Koya chef standing in line, or sitting a table at Monty’s.

I’ve used beef from my friend Hannah’s herd, @meadowsweet_beef, who works with her cows to regenerate the land in nearby Witham Friary. Mustard greens and spring onions are from our garden in Frome.

Beef and mustard udon

 - Blanch the short ribs in boiling water, then add to hot dashi in a deep, heavy pan. Cover with a lid and cook until tender. Remove with a slotted spoon to rest, keeping the broth hot while you cook the noodles as per the instructions.

- Slice the short rib, and add it on top of the waiting, hot udon. Pour over the dashi and top with mustard greens. Serve with sliced spring onions and grated ginger for your guests to add at their pleasure.


Owen thank you very much for this mouthwatering delicious recipe 🔥 🔥 

 ※「Posted By Friends」is a series we send our friends #KoyaMail Udon & Dashi to see what they make at home. We would be happy if this series give you a hint for what you like to make with your #KoyaMail
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Enjoy UDON at home 🥢
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🌾Sesame sauce udon(chilled) with pickled Daikon, carrot, shiitake and shiso. 
In Koya Ko we have “Changing Classic” on Udon menu. We bring classic udon from Soho & City here. This Gomadare udon is one of popular Hiyashi(cold) udon  and in Konya Ko with extra pickles on top 🌿🥕
#KoyaKo #vegan #ごまだれうどん#summer
Dear Koya customers,
Thank you for your continued support over the years. Like all restaurants, we are facing rising costs beyond our control. We want to ensure that we maintain the same high quality of experience for both diners and employees at Koya - and have therefore made the tricky decision to slightly increase our prices at Soho and City, from Monday 9th May. This will allow us to continue supporting the people who make Koya as special as it is - paying our staff well, and working with the very best independent suppliers and producers in the business. 
We look forward to seeing you all soon for a bowl of udon. 🍜

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