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Koya Soho
50 Frith Street London W1D 4SQ
08:30 - 22:30
08:30 - 22:30
08:30 - 22:30
08:30 - 23:00
08:30 - 23:00
09:30 - 23:00
& Good Friday
09:30 - 22:00
& Bank Holiday Mondays
Koya Soho is our original udon noodle bar, which we opened back in 2010. All these years on, you can still find us serving up freshly made udon noodles and dashi, alongside our weekly blackboard specials menu which has gained a cult following over the past decade. Koya Soho is walk-ins only.
Kama-Tama English Breakfast Udon
Raw egg and hot udon with bacon and butter soy mushrooms + bonito flakes. 
This is new English Breakfast udon in new Koya Ko.
Open at 8:30 everyday  𓂑 𓌈 ‎

10-12 Broadway Market Mews
Koya Ko 
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𖦹  𖦹  𖦹 
Our new restaurant is open! Thank you for all of you who came to check on us on first day and thank you for all the lovely comments. Now Koya Ko is open all day from breakfast and lunch-dinner. We have indoor seatings, outdoor table and #tachigui #立ち食い (standing table) counter. We’re grateful to finally welcome everyone🌷

#koyako #こやっこ
Koya Ko is opening tomorrow !
We’re so excited to begin our new udon journey with Koya Ko in amazing Broadway Market. 

From Breakfast and lunch and dinner all day. 
Come see our new menus or pop in to say hi 👋🏼 
We are next to Arabica [%] and the opposite from La Bouche.

◍ Opening hours ◍
(Breakfast until midday)
Monday 8:30-22:30
Tuesday 8:30-22:30
Wednesday 8:30-22:30
Thursday 8:30-23:00
Friday 8:30-23:00
Saturday 8:30-23:00
Sunday 8:30-22:30

Walk-in only ⸝⋆
10-12 Broadway Market Mews
Koya Ko 
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Sam is working hard. 
Ordering all the drinks that we need to celebrate our opening. He is not on any social media platform so no tagging come say hi in person to our manager ⸝⋆

Opening on next Monday 🌷
10-12 Broadway Market Mews
Koya Ko
#hackney #londonfields #こやっこ#koyako

※Nationwide Udon kit KOYAMAIL is available via our website
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Koya Ko will open on 13th September. 
We’re very excited to have our new door joining on Broadway Market. It’s a place you can find plenty of fun things and we hope our brand new Noren will catch you’re eyes as well. Big thank you for @tezomeya_official for indigo dye noren from Kyoto.

📷 @antonrodriguez

10-12 Broadway Market Mews ⸝⋆
Koya Ko
#hackney #londonfields #こやっこ#koyako#暖簾